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Transportation Management

Transportation Management

Cloud Based Management System

LampreyTMS is a full service, mobile and web managed TMS platform for LTL and full truck load freight shipping.

LampreyTMS offers online LTL/FTL quoting/shipping, bill consolidation, tracking, data analytics, contract compliance, and damage claim management on ONE platform. The cloud-based Transportation Management System features best in class routing technology loaded with over 85 integrated national carriers. LampreyTMS is a fully managed TMS with a dedicated account team that insures all shipments pre and post-delivery are adequately priced and charged according to negotiated tariffs and customer parameters. Additional opportunities include a complete mobile quoting platform and direct B to C e-commerce integration.

Our TMS gives you:

  • Best in class routing and carrier relations
  • Negotiated national rates which you can see side by side with your current rates
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Seamless Ecommerce
  • Freight shipping
  • A dedicated Freight Desk
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Consolidated billing of all of your freight shipping activities—and much more!

Features and Benefits

  • Since 1997 the freight technology behind LampreyTMS has been refined to offer a comprehensive rules based solution that allows for advanced reverse logistics, pool point distribution, and in house fleet management. LampreyTMS offers an immediate and increasing long-term ROI by offering multiple savings opportunities from nationally discounted rates to volume lane based negotiated contracts. 

    • Reduce shipping costs
    • Get control over declining service levels
    • Monitor shipping costs at a high level
    • Identify and dispute shipments delivered past the guaranteed service commitment
    • Get end-to-end visibility into your entire shipping program
    • Identify obscure opportunities for improvement
  • The Freight Team handles freight operations including:

    • Routing inbound shipments
      Scheduling pickups
      Shopping for volume/spot quotes
    • Re-routing shipments in transit
    • Auditing invoices
    • Resolving invoice discrepancies
    • Claims
  • Process all freight claims from beginning to end.
  • Work as a liaison on behalf of our customer, working with our carrier partners and providing transparent communication throughout the entire freight claims process.
  • Provide proactive education to shippers, consignees, and carriers to decrease future freight claims by empowering all parties with the knowledge of what a freight claim is, how to avoid future damage, and ensure freight claims are resolved.
  • Keep all parties compliant by following all policies and regulations of customers, carriers, and industry standards.
  • Process checks and ensure all parties are paid in a timely manner when a claim is resolved.
    Proactively follow up on claims status to resolve them within the 90-day freight claims window.
  • Educate all parties in the case of a denied claim.
  • Offer freight claims expertise, taking the burden and anxiety away from our customers when it comes to freight claims due to the thousands of processed claims and man hours put into proper freight claims management.
  • Eliminates accounts payable paperwork, providing a single, electronic invoice each week that details every shipment.
  • Mitigates fraud and risk while enabling document retrieval and detailed reporting to comply with even the most complex regulations.
  • Reduces paperwork while also saving time and money on accounts payable processing.
  • 24/7 on-demand access to your weekly freight invoice, containing all of your weekly freight shipments, no matter the mode, in our Freight Invoices Online Portal.
  • Added functionality and insights regarding your Freight Invoices
  • View freight invoice detail by shipment
  • Print freight invoices
  • View and analyze Freight Invoice Variances
  • Access supporting documents, such as re-weigh certificates, which are kept on record in the cloud
  • View your freight invoice history by:
    1. Date
    2. Carrier
    3. Consignee
    4. Reference number

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