Small Parcel Audit

Lamprey Systems Joins BizUnite Marketplace

Lamprey Systems will join the BizUnite Marketplace as the exclusive small parcel auditor starting November 2010.  The marketplace represents 60+ organizations across the United States representing both small and large corporations.  “We at Lamprey Systems are constantly looking for ways to help our customers reduce their bottom line costs and BizUnite offers a perfect program to help businesses acheive these results”, says Founder and President Gregory Ahnert.

BizUnite offers 20+ cost savings programs specifically designed to help small businesses reduce business costs and increase profitability – elevating your organization to a higher level of success. It’s because of our power and scale that we’re able to secure discounts on world-class products and services – discounts previously only available to larger corporations.

On average, small to medium sized businesses are saving $2,000 to $6,000 per year with BizUnite. That number represents savings on payment processing, office supplies, package delivery, wireless services, and payroll processing alone.

About BizUnite

As a division of CCA Global Partners, BizUnite reduces the costs of membership organizations, and their affiliates, while increasing profitability and elevating them to a higher level of success. BizUnite is proud to be a member and/or supporter of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), International Franchise Association (IFA), National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).



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