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Parking Map:

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Date: Saturday September 27, 2014 – RAIN OR SHINE

Categories and Start Times:

Men Cat 4/5 (C) 40 min 9:00 AM $30 Merchandise (5)

Masters Men 65+(1/2/3/4) 45 min 10:00 AM $30 Merchandise (3)

Masters Men 55+(1/2/3/4) 45 min 10:00 AM $30 Merchandise (3)

Masters Men 35+(1/2/3/4) 45 min 10:00 AM $30 $200/5

Masters Men 45+(1/2/3/4) 45 min 11:00 AM $30 $200/5

U19 Junior Men 40 min 11:00 AM $10 Medals (3)

U19 Junior Women 40 min 12:00 PM $10 Medals (3)

Women Cat 3-4 40 min 12:00 PM $30 Merchandise (5)

Women Cat 1-2-3 40 min 12:00 PM $30 $300/(7)

Women 45+ 40 min 12:00 PM $30 Merchandise (3)

Kids Race Under 10 1 lap 12:15 PM $0 Medals/Merchandise

U15 Junior Women/Men 20 min 1:00 PM $10 Medals (3)

Men Cat 3-4 (B) 45 min 1:30 PM $30 Merchandise (5)

Men Cat 1-2-3 (A) 60 min 2:30 PM $30 $300 (5)

Master 40+ Cat 4-5 (C) 30 min 3:30 PM $25 Merchandise (3)

Single Speed 30 min 3:30 PM $25 T-Shirts (3)

Course Description:

Classic cyclocross course with two sets of barriers and variable terrain including grass, pavement, and gravel. There are some good elevation changes within the park and we will feature the “St. Lukes Staircase”. You may ride it the first lap, but will you be able to ride it the whole race? The 2-3 KM closed course makes it great for spectators. Course will be flowing and difficult, making use of natural run-ups, off cambers sections, and endless cornering. Look for some wide open power sections and enough technical riding to make it a true crosser’s course.


-Pre-registration will be open on until September 24th at 5:00pm. -There is a $5 late fee for day-of registration.
-Day of Registration and sign-in will be open at 8AM and will close 30 min prior to each race. -A USAC license is required to participate in this race, day-of and annual licenses will be available for purchase at registration. Registration price includes $3 USAC insurance fee.
-There is a $5 multi-race discount to register for additional classes.
-Day of registration will be at the Pavilion.
-Every racer must have an approved helmet.
-Mountain bikes will be allowed WITHOUT bar ends.
-No aero bars.


-Registration will be at the Pavilion.
-There will be indoor permanent bathroom facilities.
-We will also have a food concession stand set up. Also note:
-Alcohol is permitted but must be <12% ABV. (Police headquarters on site)
-Live Music will be provided at the stage area next to registration.

Call-up Protocol:

-Call-ups will only be awarded by promoter discretion. We will try to utilize 2014 series standings or 2013 final standings.
-Staging will begin 10 minutes prior to each race Technical Pit:
-A double sided pit will be marked and available approximately half way through the course. If riders enter the pit, they must make some sort of exchange or mechanical adjustment.


-Results will be posted at the registration area. Results will be made final 15 minutes after being posted. Podium, awards, and photos will occur roughly a half hour after each race.

Additional Notes:

-Lapped riders will finish on the same lap as the leaders. Riders in danger of being lapped must yield to oncoming racers and are not to interfere with their progress or trail behind them.
-The course will be open for inspection and warm-up at approximately 8:00am.
-Every racer must have an approved helmet.
-Mountain bikes will be allowed WITHOUT bar ends, No aero bars of any kind.
-Look for updates on Twitter (@townhallcross) and Facebook (

Town Hall Park-Lower Saucon 3700 Old Philadephia Pike Bethlehem, PA 18105

See some photos and our 2012 report here.


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Women’s podium from the 2011 race

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